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Constructive debate and general manners…

Hi all,

It’s great that people have been using the comments section of this blog to air their views, both for and against the proposed Tesco. That was the whole idea of this campaign: to try to conduct the consultation of public opinion that was unfortunately passed over by the local council.

However, can we please keep our discussion civil and polite, and refrain from writing personal and insulting remarks. Of course we all have different opinions and views on this highly complex issue, and trying to collate the many varying stances of the local community is obviously paramount to gaining a real understanding of how we should move forward, (which is why we are conducting the survey). But, getting into personal battles of ego using internet personas is just pointless, and discourages other people from getting involved.

What we need is constructive dialogue! Still don’t understand why we are opposed to Tesco opening their sixth store within a one mile radius? Then ask a question in the comments section in a polite and adult way, and no doubt someone will answer it in the same manner. Think we’ve got the wrong end of the stick completely? Then explain why in an objective way and be prepared to back up your views with evidence! We all have a lot to learn from one another, regardless of age or background!

We don’t have the time or people-power (yes, we all have jobs!) or indeed the inclination to “police” this site and remove offensive comments, so how about we just try to be civil, and ignore anything that is not written in a polite and constructive manner?





  1. Nice one Billy!

  2. More supermarket debate over at

    Sainsburys want to relocate and build a 10,000m2 retail shed near Greville Smythe Park.

    Planning application just in. Debate just getting started.

  3. i am disappointed but not surprised by reactions to last weeks actiivities.
    a few things i would like to share.
    this is about tesco but it is also not about tesco
    it can be for some a reason to stand up to global corporate power or a reason to defend a community
    both view points are valid and legitimate.
    i am a little frustrated by those who still (or now) claim to be only ‘peaceful’ protestors!
    im not trying to force anyone into actions against their choice but i do support those who chose to use approprate means to attack global corporate monsters like tesco
    the peaceful protest was not allowed to continue..why? because the police wouldnt allow it

    sit ins, petitions, pickets, shop occupancies and general peaceful annoyances are great but they will be stopped by the law, your law! if you dnt believe me, you either were not there or havent seen the evidence, also check out (no pun intended) the anti royal wedding events in london/cambridge
    dont be niaive enough to believe you have any peaceful response to this store. unless you just want to make your point…and then accept defeat

    i have 2 reliable sources of information
    the first -from tesco high comand that the bad publicity from the riots has made them reconsider the viability of this store
    the second from a workers collective in ghana who have been campaiging against this food giant and others for years who have been so heartened by the events in Bristol
    remember-robin hood was a hooded thug
    nelson mandela was a hooded thug
    dont be to quick to condem those with convictions
    and remember the newspaper headlines from the st pauls riots 1980,1986
    the words phrases i the media are jus the same


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