There is always an alternative. In fact, there are many alternatives to Tesco and supermarkets generally, that could better serve the Stokes Croft community. People surveyed have suggested everything from a fishmongers, a hardware store, a book shop or a green grocers.
Whilst it is clear that the city needs food suppliers, and that the growth of local residents in the burgeoning Stokes Croft area wiil need to be supplied with food, it is also the case that Stokes Croft/ Montpelier is a conservation are, typified by its reliance on local small businesses like those listed below.

Radford Mill Organic Farm shop
Licata’s Italian Delicatessen
Galliford Stores
Stokes Croft Post Office
Rodak Polish Food Shop
Best 24 Hours Convenience Stores
Herbert’s Bakery
Ethiopian Food Shop, Stokes Croft
Mini Supermarket, Ashley Road

This dynamic local culture is clearly threatened by the unwelcome and heavily resisted arrival of Tesco in our midst.
As a community, we must resist. This will take the form of boycott, of publicizing what TESCO is really doing to our society, and offering sustainable alternatives which are accountable to, and linked with local community

It is clear that we need businesses that contribute to our local economy, and that are part of our community. Bristol entrepreneurs and locals with time and resources have been meeting to explore possible enterprises based locally.
In the mean time, we must support our local shops. We must talk to them about the food they sell, and where it has come from. More often than not there are remarkable stories behind the people and the goods they sell.By engaging in this kind of dialogue, we can begin to have an influence on what food we receive…

this is a dialogue that is not possible with large centrally planned business, whos principal motivation is to deliver dividend to shareholders.


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