Last Mug Sold!
Result! The No Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign successfully raised its judicial review court costs with limited-edition bone china mugs made locally and lovingly by the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, thanks to a fundraising party on 13 April.

We tried to stop Tesco. We may have lost the legal challenge but successful support of our thriving local community goes on!
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  1. local community lol. this shithole needed somewhere for the decent people to shop. for all the tramps, pissheads, freaks and squaters (about 70% of stokes croft) stick to the disgusting local shops that aren’t run by local people and do not employ local people and the money goes everywhere but back into the community. Fucking retards.

  2. Stokes Croft is in no way a ‘shithole’ people who say that are the people who don’t live here. if you did live here you would see that it is a kind and friendly place to live where everyone smiles at each other in the streets and cares about their community. I do hope that the protest will be civil this year as no one wants violence.

  3. I ride through this area every day. Some nice people but lots of trouble makers. Shame people can’t focus there hate of tesco into something better. If no one shopped at tesco they would soon close.

  4. Tesco will be back with 12 more expresses and 4 metros. So still say NO TO TESCO because Tesco will kill every high street in the UK in the next 5 years. Stop tesco from takeing over the coummity.

    • Sure its 12 ? where did that magic number come from? Tesco themselves have said they will scale back their plans by 40% countrywide, i understand that Tescos in Stokes Croft is doing well, must mean that local people want it. I know you dont, tough, just dont shop there. dont deny others their choice, specially by violence.

      • Is it really a choice? I disagree with both of your observations, its quite easy to see that once Tesco establishes itself it will do well because of the nature of the capitalist society that we live in. To be honest im tired after a long days work, and I feel like if I can save even the smallest bit of my life thats been magically turned into bits of paper, that would be a good thing. Every little helps. Every little helps me stay alive and after that every little helps me feel like I can get more than my life back in STUFF (but where did the time go? oh… yeah…) Because tesco’s is so big it can advertise, create a brand image etc etc making it an unstoppable force.
        Property prices are rocketing in Stokes Croft, and its because of its charm, its character (this is the ironic part, capitalism is practically inescapable). Look at the graffiti, its real, its not selling anything, and its rare to see something on a wall these days that isn’t trying to take your life away in exchange for some meaningless shit. Tesco’s just doesn’t work with Stokes Croft and I agree, make it the one place in a urban area in the U.K that doesn’t have one within 5 minutes of EVERYWHERE. Even if its just for shits and giggles, I think that is something worth fighting for, not just bending over and signing a petition that realistically means shite-all. But yeah, people really should just stop shopping there. But its not that simple. We’re in a bit of a trap here.

  5. There isn’t a Tesco on Stokes croft, never has been, and I doubt if they would want to open one around all the lowlife that frequent it.

    Stokes Croft is vile.

  6. If concerned that local stores will be damaged by Tesco, then don’t shop at Tesco. If concerned that Tesco represents capitalism and market failure by being too big and so outcompeting rivals unfairly, don’t shop there. If concerned that Tesco is bland, don’t shop there.

    If you blame shopping there on them being irresistably cheap or some other reason, think about the above again and take some responsibility.

    People choose their surrounding businesses with their money. It’s not a conspiracy or anything like that. There are some really weird ideas about this stuff floating around

  7. Thanks for posting this. Today I watched Channel 4 documentary titled ‘Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain’ about Tesco. I suggest to watch this if anyone didn’t watch yet.

  8. All the protesting so far thankfully hasn’t been for nothing – Tesco closes at 19:00 every night… I wonder why!

  9. Stokes Croft is far from vile! Its a beautiful and happy place which should pride itself on its individulaity, community spirit and independant local shops! If people believe that Tesco will rip away business from local shops (which it undoubtedly will!!!) then they have a right to campaign agaisnt it! Violent protest is never acceptable but to say that “not shopping there” is the best way to solve the problem is bullshit, it will obviously thrive anyway….. I support this motion however if you do mnot, this is not the place to start insulting Stokes Croft! Its besides the point!

  10. Stokes Croft is a shithole! Tesco express will takeover this shithole LOL

  11. I shop at Tesco as often as possible, because I don’t like hipsters telling me what to do.

  12. The boycott against Tesco has damaged Stokes Croft’s reputation amongst the rest of Bristol. Rather than demonstrating the benefits of local trade, it demonstrated that it is still a no-go area for many and that aside from the odd business and office it’s got very little going for it.

    Similar things have happened in Bedminster. Some good, local businesses exist, but aside from Asda and a few pubs it is largely a dead area with dying local businesses.

    Stokes Croft tried to stand up for itself, but in doing so it’s become a place favoured by well-off students, hipsters and those looking to rob those mentioned. I’ve been mugged once in my life and that was in Stokes Croft (a fiver, or get stabbed). The harsh truth is that it’s cool to hate Tesco, and that rather than doing something that would really improve the area for those that live and work there people took the easiest form of protest.

    Now, I’m off to get myself some lunch. Since there isn’t really much around here I’ll probably follow everyone else to Tesco…

  13. You guys need to get a life, Tesco does employ local people from the local community unlike those so called local shops, also Tesco are more cheaper than local shops too

  14. Tesco are a blight on the planet. Anyone who works for them is part of the problem. Don’t shop there. Support local shops instead.

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