Here you can find links and downloads for further reading and resources on issues surrounding planning andtheessayclub com licensing issues.

Planning issues

Tescopoly – A wealth of information about opposing supermarket planning applications

The No Mill Road Tesco Campaign – A similar campaign to ours, facing similar challenges, in Cambridge

Say No to Tesco on Lewes Road Campaign – Another similar campaign, in Brighton

Alcohol licensing issues

Statutory Licensing Policy – The guideline document for the licensing committee who will make the decision on whether to grant Tesco an alcohol licence (includes maps showing the Cumulative Impact Areas)

Cumulative Impact Areas (CIAs) as explained by Cllr Neil Harrison on his blog

Tesco being sneaky – Example from the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign in Cambridge of Tesco silently changing their alcohol policy just before the licensing hearing began.
gun control rogerian essay
Press coverage about supermarkets and alcohol:

Tesco admits its pledge to stop selling alcohol below cost price would in truth mean little change.

Big Issue article on scandal of super-strength drinks.

“Despite their low cost, a single 500 ml can of Carlsberg Special Brew, Tennent’s Super or Skol Super contain four and half units of alcohol.”

A pack of 20 cans of 5.2 per cent strength lager (Stella) would set you back £15

During the World Cup, for example, shoppers at Tesco could bag 36 cans of Stella for £20 – an equivalent of 56p a can.

Own brand lager as cheap as 22p a can – 22 cans for a fiver

Drunk for £1: Anger as supermarkets sell alcohol for 22p a can

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